Live Oak Middle

School Info

Type: Regular School
Status: Operational
District: Tulare City Elementary
City: Tulare
State: California
Rating: n/a

Contact Info

Mailing Address: Live Oak Middle
Tulare, California 93274
Phone Number: 5596857310
Website: Live Oak Middle


Total Number Of Teachers: n/a
Total Number Of Students: n/a
Average Class Size: n/a


No Details Available


Baseball, Football, Golf, Hockey, Soccer, Swimming, Track And Field, Volleyball, Wrestling, Water Polo


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Map & Location

Live Oak Middle
Live Oak Middle
Tulare City Elementary
Tulare, California 93274

Latest News

Morales is Teacher of the Year nominee for seven county region
Herald staff report Jose Morales from Washington Academic Middle School (WAMS) in Sanger is among the ten nominees to receive the California League of Middle Schools Region 7 Educator of the Year award, according to WAMS Principal, Jamie Nino.

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Coach Arrested, Charged With Sex Crimes
A Sunnyside High School coach has been arrested, accused of molesting a student. Fresno police say 30-year-old Christopher Ybarra, the softball coach at Sunnyside, was arrested at his home on Tuesday.

Ruiz relates to students, recognized for a job well-done
Fausto Ruiz came to the United States in 1982 to work – not to go to school, not to play soccer and not to be a teacher. Now Ruiz, 48, teaches Spanish at Parlier High School and Reedley College. He is also the soccer coach and adviser of the Spanish Club at Parlier High.