Plumb Elementary School

School Info

Type: Regular School
Status: Operational
District: Pinellas
City: Clearwater
State: Florida
Rating: n/a

Contact Info

Mailing Address: Plumb Elementary School
Clearwater, Florida 33764
Phone Number: 7274695976
Website: Plumb Elementary School


Total Number Of Teachers: 56
Total Number Of Students: 858
Average Class Size: 15


No Details Available


Baseball, Football, Golf, Hockey, Soccer, Swimming, Track And Field, Volleyball, Wrestling, Water Polo


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Map & Location

Plumb Elementary School
Plumb Elementary School
Clearwater, Florida 33764

Latest News

Clearwater coach faced past abuse allegations
The wrestling coach who was arrested Tuesday for the inappropriate discipline of two student athletes faced other allegations at another school.

Police: Clearwater coach has history of 'harsh' behavior with students
The Clearwater Catholic Central High School wrestling coach charged with battery may have a history

Hometown North Pinellas
Pets given blessings: Students at St. Cecelia Catholic School in Clearwater recently celebrated the Blessing of the Animals as part of the Feast of St. Francis. Students brought pets to school to receive a blessing, and those without pets brought their favorite stuffed animals. The school celebrates this tradition every year.

Fair seeks volunteers to mentor in schools
CLEARWATER — Between working her way through St. Petersburg College and studying for admittance to the University of South Florida’s medical program, Rhode Benjamin knows the value of an hour.

Clearwater wrestling coach accused of assaulting students
A former Clearwater high school wrestling coach assaulted two students after he made them take off their clothes, the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office said.