Panache Gallery Of Fine American Crafts

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Business Type: Interior Designer
City: Ogunquit
State: Maine
Country: United States

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Address: Panache Gallery Of Fine American Crafts
Main Street, Ogunquit, ME 03907
Ogunquit, Maine 03907
Phone Number: (207) 646-4878
Fax: n/a
Website: Visit

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Description: n/a
Keywords: Interior Designer

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Map & Location

Panache Gallery Of Fine American Crafts
Panache Gallery Of Fine American Crafts
Main Street, Ogunquit, ME 03907
Ogunquit, Maine 03907


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I can't understand these poor reviews. II have been a 12+ year long term customer, since before they moved to their new location last year. Maybe these folks have never been to a gallery before? It is not unusual, even in a MALL jewelry store , for items to be returned to the case whie a customer considers a purchase, especially if other customers suddenly appear. The room marked "Adults Only" is full of large expensive glass art. A bump or nudge while pointing could result in costly breakage. Children in this room? Must be known/regular customers. LIKE ME.

HUGE MISTAKE My mother, sister and and I were visiting the area on vacation and decided to visit the store after hearing about the unique items they sell. We were met at the door and followed around the store which is odd as it is a primarily open area and the staff were not shy about it. My sister was intriqued by a certain ring while in the store. She tried it on and was told that it was one of a kind that the artist owned a patent on the style. She was prepaired to buy it but wanted to discuss the price. The sales woman put her hand out demanded the ring back and threw it into the case when more customers entered the store. That completely ended any chance of a sale! Never before have I been treated so poorly. I wont go back. We were also ...