Arlington Tennessee

City Info

City: Arlington
County: Fayette
State: Tennessee (TN)
Zip Code: 38002
Country: United States (US)

Geographic Location

Latitude: 35.27
Longitude: -89.71

Contact Info

Website: Arlington Tennessee


Population: 17,709
Housing Units: 6,884
Average Household Income: $61,996.00


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County Zip Code Latitude Longitude Population Housing Units Avg Income
FAYETTE 38002 35.27 -89.71 17,709 6,884 $61,996.00


Name Type
House Of Talent Nail Salons
Rizzi's Pizza Cafe Restaurants
Vinegar Jim's Nail Salons
Service Master By D & W Nail Salons
A Randy's Painting Nail Salons
Steadman Roofing Nail Salons
Midsouth Roofing Solutions Nail Salons
The Songstad Law Firm Real Estate Services
Patriot Bank: Mortgage Loan Offices Real Estate Services
Enterprise Realtors Real Estate Services

Schools & Education

Name District
Arlington Middle School Shelby County
Lakeland Elementary School Shelby County
Arlington Elementary School Shelby County
Barrets Elementary School Shelby County
Bolton High School Shelby County
Shadowlawn Middle School Shelby County
Arlington High School Shelby County
Donelson Elementary School Shelby County


Name District
Marsha Kay White Shelby Co School District

Map & Location

Arlington Tennessee
Arlington, Tennessee
Fayette County

Latest News

More people than…
Stacy Martin of Arlington, Tennessee, says she is just happy her package didn't contain anything fragile after her home security system recorded a Federal Express driver hurling it onto her porch.

FedEx driver caught on camera throwing package on a porch
A FedEx delivery driver was caught on a home surveillance camera violently tossing a package onto the front porch of an Arlington, Tennessee home.

Maines Paper & Food Files $3M Building Permit
New construction is planned at the Maines Paper & Food Service cold-storage facility in Arlington. A $3 million building permit application has be...

Civil Air Patrol Cadets support Wreaths Across America
Under the cover of darkness, Prince William Composite Squadron Civil Air Patrol cadets, senior and sponsor members departed the CAP Operations Trailer at Manassas Airport and various locations within

Four Charter Schools Prepare To Close
Four charter schools operating in Memphis will close at the end of the current school year under terms of a recently enacted Tennessee law. The law re...

Ebola Outbreaks for Arlington Tennessee