Sumter South Carolina

City Info

City: Sumter
County: Sumter
State: South Carolina (SC)
Zip Code: 29151
Country: United States (US)

Geographic Location

Latitude: 33.92
Longitude: -80.34

Contact Info

Website: Sumter South Carolina


Population: 39,576
Housing Units: 15,797
Average Household Income: $26,580.00


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County Zip Code Latitude Longitude Population Housing Units Avg Income
SUMTER 29151 33.92 -80.34 n/a n/a n/a
SUMTER 29154 33.89 -80.43 24,863 9,916 $45,878.00
SUMTER 29153 33.94 -80.32 14,713 5,881 $33,862.00


Name Type
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Palmetto Veterinary Clinic Doctors
Guignard Animal Clinic Doctors
Peach Orchard Veterinary Doctors
Make Money From Home Private Tutors
Lifelong Learning Center Private Tutors
Innovative Mathematics Tutorial Private Tutors
I Place Center For Success Private Tutors
Kindermusik Musicians
D J Poppa Lee Adult Entertainment

Schools & Education

No Schools Available


Name District
Heidi M Adler Sumter Co Schools
Julie C Ardis Sumter School District 17
Jonnell Diann Atkins Sumter Co Schools
William L. Austin Sumter Co Schools
Deborah I Ayres Sumter School District 17
Linda Bach Sumter Co Schools
Laura Hutchens Baker Sumter School District 17
Marcia Barnes Oliver Sumter Co Schools
Kathryn Brandon Barrett Sumter School District 17
Katherine B Barrett Sumter Co Schools
Stephanie H Barrineau Sumter Co Schools
Rita K Beard Sumter Co Schools
Deborah Peterson Bennett Sumter Co Schools
Gary P Bettinger Sumter School District 17
Amanda M Blankenship Sumter Co Schools
Caryl Gibbs Boggs Sumter School District 17
Kathy A Brown Sumter School District 17
Joni M Brown Sumter School District 17
Ann Brown Caldwell Sumter Co Schools
Ann E Cannon Sumter School District 17
Candice Lee Carnes Sumter Co Schools
Margaret J Carpenter Sumter Co Schools
Michael Newell Carraher Sumter Co Schools
Diane R Champion Sumter Co Schools
Mary Lucille Chorey Sumter Co Schools
Deborah Denise Christmas Sumter School District 17
Mary Clark-Elloitt Sumter School District 17
Beverly A Cornell Sumter Co Schools
Christi C Coursey Sumter Co Schools
Bernadette Paula Darby Sumter School District 17
Stephanie A Davis Sumter School District 17
Tamara Davis Carlisle Sumter School District 17
Sharon L Delaney Sumter Co Schools
Dana Newman Delavan Sumter Co Schools
Katherine D Dennison Sumter Co Schools
Gwendolyn Elaine Diaz Sumter School District 17
Bonnie S Disney Sumter Co Schools
Kathleen D Du Rant Sumter Co Schools
Beatrice W Dwyer Sumter Co Schools
Angela Sandifer Flowers Sumter School District 17
Mary O Floyd Sumter School District 17
Leon Edward Gandy Sumter Co Schools
April Holloway Geddings Sumter Co Schools
Kathleen B Goins Sumter Co Schools
Karla Kendrick Hafner Sumter Co Schools
Barbara Joan Hale Sumter School District 17
Karen Sonya Harris-Sweetman Sumter Co Schools
Gianina Roshunda Hayes Sumter Co Schools
Heather Elaine Heusinger Sumter School District 17
Sylvester Hickmon Sumter Co Schools
Katherine Hodge Bledsoe Sumter School District 17
Jennifer G Hoffman Sumter School District 17
Eugenia Lynn Hoover Sumter School District 17
Teresa Shuler Howell Sumter Co Schools
Pamela Kay Hudson Sumter School District 17
Trevor Thomas Ivey Sumter Co Schools
Deborah L Jackson Sumter School District 17
Melissa Welch Jackson Sumter Co Schools
Jacqueline Shirell Jacobs Sumter Co Schools
Erica Myrisha Jefferson Sumter Co Schools
Marilyn Jenkins Sumter Co Schools
Ashleigh Shivers Johnson Sumter Co Schools
Christopher Heath Jones Sumter Co Schools
Thelma M Jones-Clark Sumter Co Schools
Susan Keefe Sumter School District 17
Suzanne Theresa Koty Sumter Co Schools
Amanda Jane Lane Sumter School District 17
Christine A Lee Sumter Co Schools
Janice Faye Lewis Sumter Co Schools
Brenda Logan Smith Sumter Co Schools
Laura Lyles Sumter Co Schools
Kathleen Anne Lyons Sumter School District 17
Toni Tatro Mahoney Sumter Co Schools
Tonia Rochelle Major Sumter Co Schools
Terri Lee Martyn-Boles Sumter Co Schools
Jade M Mc Leod Sumter Co Schools
Michelle Curry Mcbride Sumter School District 17
Kylie Victoria Mcbride-Holloman Sumter Co Schools
Kelly Lee Melton Sumter Co Schools
Susan Felder Mixon Sumter School District 17
Tamara House Morris Sumter School District 17
Tisha Moses Sumter School District 17
Virginia M Mota Sumter School District 17
Marie B Mulholland Sumter Co Schools
Donna Kaye Myles Sumter Co Schools
Patricia Lynne Nelson Sumter Co Schools
Beth Price Nelson Sumter Co Schools
Terry S Newman Sumter School District 17
Carolyn W Newsome Sumter Co School District 2
James O Oliver Sumter Co Schools
Olivia M Ortmann Sumter Co Schools
Rebecca Mariah Osteen Sumter Co Schools
Sheri Mccathern Painter Sumter School District 17
Mary Annette Parrott Sumter School District 17
Zan Tracy Pender Sumter School District 17
Barrington Pierson Sumter Co Schools
Donna G Prescott Sumter School District 17
Cylisa Mullins Quarles Sumter Co Schools
Kathy Reardon Watts No Sd Provided
Linn Duffie Richardson Sumter School District 17
Marsha T Riggs Sumter Co Schools
Dawn E. Robertson Sumter School District 17
Veronica Frances Robertson Sumter Co Schools
Amie Elizabeth Rutherford Sumter Co Schools
Christopher Earl Seaborn Sumter Co Schools
Tammy Hutson Self Sumter Co Schools
John Francis Shipman Sumter Co Schools
Helen S Simon Sumter School District 17
Cynthia Matthews Smiley Sumter School District 17
Michelle Ann Snyder Sumter Co Schools
Lorette W Spencer Sumter Co Schools
Deborah Spigner Sumter School District 17
Bertha M Timmons Sumter School District 17
Sandra T Tisdale Sumter Co Schools
Anita Vaughn Sumter School District 17
Damon A Viele Sumter Co Schools
Karen G Vipperman Sumter Co Schools
Jeannie E Ward Sumter Co Schools
Gwynette Taylor Waters Sumter Co Schools
Christen H C Weidner Sumter Co Schools
Annie Y White Sumter Co Schools
Marsha Whitehead Barnette Sumter School District 17
Yvonne Bell Wilkes Sumter School District 17
Gloria M Wilkinson Sumter Co Schools
Eric William Wilkinson Sumter Co Schools
Davenna Williams Sumter Co Schools

Map & Location

Sumter South Carolina
Sumter, South Carolina
Sumter County

Latest News

Blue Earth Announces Initial CHP Energy Plant in Sumter, South Carolina With Expected Completion in First Quarter 2015
Blue Earth, Inc. a renewable/alternative energy and energy efficiency services company, announced today that it expects to complete its initial combined heat and power energy plant in the first quarter ...

Kappa Sigma members remain in fraternity house...for now
A judge has decided not to render a decision that will impact whether or not a University of South Carolina fraternity remains on campus after the national group pulled its charter.

Deputies: Pickens woman charged in grandson's death after drugs found in sippy cup
The Pickens County Sheriff's Office said a grandmother has been arrested in the death of an infant after drugs were found in the child's sippy cup.

Bashaud Breeland leans on his 17-month-old daughter, Jaelle, in rookie season with Redskins
The drive from Clemson University to Sumter, South Carolina takes a little more than three hours, depending on the traffic. And on this day, there was traffic. Bashaud Breeland remembers it clearly. He remembers getting that first call on the morning of June 15, 2013, and soon making another, to ...

George Stinney Jr: Black 14-year-old boy exonerated 70 years after he was executed
George Stinney Jr became the youngest person to be executed in the US in the 20th century when he was sent to the electric chair in 1944, but more than 70 years after his death his conviction has been overturned.

Ebola Outbreaks for Sumter South Carolina