Dugger Indiana

City Info

City: Dugger
County: Sullivan
State: Indiana (IN)
Zip Code: 47848
Country: United States (US)

Geographic Location

Latitude: 39.06
Longitude: -87.25

Contact Info

Website: Dugger Indiana


Population: 1,656
Housing Units: 770
Average Household Income: $41,336.00


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County Zip Code Latitude Longitude Population Housing Units Avg Income
SULLIVAN 47848 39.06 -87.25 1,656 770 $41,336.00


Name Type
Hunley Real Estate Real Estate Services

Schools & Education

Name District
Dugger Elementary School Northeast School Corp
Union High School Northeast School Corp


No Teachers Available

Map & Location

Dugger Indiana
Dugger, Indiana
Sullivan County

Latest News

Residents worry about dust caused by coal mine
At least a dozen residents who live near the largest surface coal mine east of the Mississippi have complained to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management since 2012 about dust it creates, worrying it could be...

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