Rosiclare Illinois

City Info

City: Rosiclare
County: Hardin
State: Illinois (IL)
Zip Code: 62982
Country: United States (US)

Geographic Location

Latitude: 37.42
Longitude: -88.34

Contact Info

Website: Rosiclare Illinois


Population: 1,423
Housing Units: 694
Average Household Income: $33,264.00


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County Zip Code Latitude Longitude Population Housing Units Avg Income
HARDIN 62982 37.42 -88.34 1,423 694 $33,264.00


Name Type
Rosiclare Rehab Doctors
Bob's Food Mart Grocery
Reed's Grocery Grocery
Family Counseling Hilltop Career Counseling

Schools & Education

No Schools Available


No Teachers Available

Map & Location

Rosiclare Illinois
Rosiclare, Illinois
Hardin County

Latest News

Hardin County officials keep close eye on rising Ohio River
Hardin County Emergency Management officials are keeping a close eye on the rising Ohio River. The flood gates are in place in Rosiclare, and Hardin County EMA Director Perry Foster says his county is ready for whatever Mother Nature brings.

Bike racks to be added along Ohio River Scenic Byway Region
Custom bike racks will soon be seen along the Ohio River Scenic Byway Region, according to the Byway office in Rosiclaire, Illinois.

Floodwaters to recede Sunday
Saline County Sheriff Keith Brown is ready to breathe a sigh of relief concerning flood season 2015.

Ebola Outbreaks for Rosiclare Illinois