Rosiclare Illinois

City Info

City: Rosiclare
County: Hardin
State: Illinois (IL)
Zip Code: 62982
Country: United States (US)

Geographic Location

Latitude: 37.42
Longitude: -88.34

Contact Info

Website: Rosiclare Illinois


Population: 1,423
Housing Units: 694
Average Household Income: $33,264.00


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County Zip Code Latitude Longitude Population Housing Units Avg Income
HARDIN 62982 37.42 -88.34 1,423 694 $33,264.00


Name Type
Rosiclare Rehab Doctors
Bob's Food Mart Grocery
Reed's Grocery Grocery
Family Counseling Hilltop Career Counseling

Schools & Education

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No Teachers Available

Map & Location

Rosiclare Illinois
Rosiclare, Illinois
Hardin County

Latest News

Rosiclare woman killed in Wednesday crash
A Rosiclare woman lost her life in a head-on crash with a semi-tractor trailer on state Route 34 1/4 mile south of Womble Road in southernmost Saline County.

One person killed in accident in Saline Co., IL
Indiana State Police say the driver of a truck tractor was headed south on Route 34 when he saw animals on both sides of the road.

One Person Dead After Saline County Accident
SALINE CO. -- Illinois State Police have released more information about a fatal traffic accident in Saline County.

Victim identified in deadly crash on Route 34 in Saline County
One person was killed in a crash on Route 34 in Saline County on Wednesday morning.